Anaïs F Bardet, PhD, HDR – Research Associate (CR CNRS, tenured)

During my PhD work in the group of Alexander Stark at the IMP in Vienna, Austria, I studied the conservation of transcription factor binding sites in different Drosophila species and developed tools and pipelines for the comparative analysis of ChIP-seq data. I then worked as an EMBO postdoctoral researcher in the group of Dirk Schübeler at the FMI in Basel, Switzerland, where I investigated the sensitivity of transcription factors to DNA methylation. Since 2017, I am a tenured CNRS researcher at the University of Strasbourg, France. I first joined the group of Michaël Weber at the ESBS where I developed projects investigating the role of transcription factors in mediating aberrant DNA methylation patterns in cancer. Since 2022, I joined the group of Nacho Molina at the IGBMC where I lead projects exploring binding of transcription factors to DNA in their chromatin context towards the aim to predict their binding sites and their effect on gene expression.

Delphine Balaramane – PhD student (computational)

David de Santiago Algarra – Postdoctoral researcher (experimental)

Timothé Benoit – Master student (computational)

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Ongoing Collaborations

Nicolo Riggi – CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland

Pierre-Éric Lutz – INCI Strasbourg, France

Evgeny Kvon – UC Irvine, USA

Susan Chan / Philippe Kastner – IGBMC Strasbourg, France

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Past Supervision

Dylane Detilleux – November 2019 to December 2021 – Experimental postdoctoral researcher

Franck Martin – November 2019 – Master student (M2 BSIB Strasbourg)

Éléa Héberlé – February to November 2019 – Experimental postdoctoral researcher

Yannick Spill – March 2018 to October 2019 – Computational postdoctoral researcher

Victor Grentzinger – November to June 2019 – Master student (M2 BSIB Strasbourg)

Clémentine Leporcq – January to June 2018 – Master student (M2 BSIB Strasbourg)

Lucas Di Lorenzo – April 2018 – Master student (M1 BSIB Strasbourg)

Christophe Toussaint – November 2017 – Master student (ESBS Strasbourg)

Franck Bonardi – February to August 2017 – Master student – Co-supervision with Emmanuel Faure and Patrick Lemaire (CRBM, Montpellier)

Omar Abou Saada – January to June 2017 – Master student (M2 BSIB Strasbourg)