A segmentation approach to analyze DNA methylation patterns and identify differentially methylation regions from whole-genome datasets

Balaramane/Spill et al., bioRxiv, 2023 – PREPRINT – CODE


A webserver for the visualization of transcription factor motifs in genomic regions – WEB SERVER

Leporcq et al., NAR, 2020 – PAPER

Practical Guide to ChIP-seq Data Analysis

Our book will guide readers through the steps of ChIP-seq data analysis. CODE

Mifsud/Zarnack/Bardet, CRC Press, 2018 – BOOK

Chapter 1 – Introduction to ChIP-seq
Chapter 2- Getting Started
Chapter 3- General Quality Control
Chapter 4- Genomic Alignment
Chapter 5- ChIP-seq-specific Quality Control
Chapter 6- Peak Calling
Chapter 7- Data visualisation
Chapter 8- Comparative Analysis
Chapter 9- Downstream Analyses


Identification of transcription factor binding sites from transcription factor ChIP-seq and ChIP-exo experiments at hight accuracy and resolution. CODE

Bardet/Steinmann et al., Bioinformatics, 2013 – PAPER

Comparative ChIP-seq pipeline

Bardet et al., Nature Protocols, 2012 – PAPER – DATA